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  • 4/30/19
  • We have a renter for our house! Thank the Lord. Pray that it goes well
  • We decided to return during the winter months(Jan-May) instead of staying in Co. Please pray for all the driving and future work needs.
  • Pray for the other students, I think there will be nine of us.
  • Pray for my stamina to keep up with the rigorous study schedule over the next seven months.
  • We are thankful that the Lord is generous in wisdom and giving direction.

  • Currently you can be praying for my focus and energy in order to wrap up so many tasks before we move on May 20th.
  • Pray for wisdom in the many decisions that will come up in the next few months
  • Pray for peace in our family as change comes
  • We love our church and will miss it greatly, pray for peace and comfort
  • There are needs to met, pray for God’s provision
  • Pray that this will journey will be a time of blessing for my family
  • Pray that I will be a blessing to others in this season
  • Pray for the other seminary students

Thank you so much, Ben

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