This week at seminary has been great. Its been worshipful, spiritually challenging, intellectually stimulating, and rewarding. Information comes so fast during the week but the Lord is good in that he ministers even in the hustle and bustle of school.

Pneumatology was this weeks area of focus, The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. We covered the Holy Spirit’s role in creation, the Old Testament, Christ’s birth, Jesus’ baptism, Jesus’ time in the wilderness, his three years of ministry, his death, resurrection, regeneration, faith, inspiration of scripture etc etc. It really has been such a fun week and so wonderful to see the Spirit’s activity all throughout scripture.

For my paper I focused on Regeneration and specifically Effectual Calling. This issue has been of great interest to me throughout my life. Specifically the role of the ‘will’. There is enough space and time to study the will in a blog post right?!! Briefly, here are a few observations, questions and conclusions.

So here are a few questions I considered this week. What does enslavement mean (Rom 6)? What was I enslaved to by nature prior to conversion? What is the condition of my will prior to conversion? And who frees me from enslavement. The Apostle Paul says I am enslaved. In Romans Paul says I am a slave to sin (Rom 6:16) and even dead in sin (Eph 2:1). If I am enslaved and even dead spiritually what then can my will ‘will’? Biblically I don’t see the idea of personal autonomy being affirmed. What I do see presented are these two options, being slaves to sin or slaves of God.

This is where the wonderful and beautiful doctrine of Effectual Calling takes shape. The Holy Spirit draws us (John 6:44) and renews us and washes us clean(Titus 3:5). The work of the Holy Spirit in his drawing and renewing is fundamentally a work of liberation. The Holy Spirit liberates me. He liberates my will. The Holy Spirit liberates my will from enslavement to sin to ‘will’ anew. He does not force me, coerce me or drag me to repentance. He re-creates and causes re-birth (John 3) and I ‘will’ freely and willingly to come to faith and repentance.

Ok, there it is. We made it in just two paragraphs! I know that’s fast but if you want to study a bit more I’ll point to: John chapters 1-3, 6 & 12, Romans 1-3 and 6, Titus 3, I Peter 1, Ezekiel 37, The Westminster Confession of Faith chapter 10, The Westminster Larger Catechism question 67, ‘The Holy Spirit’ by Gordon H. Clark, and ‘The Holy Spirit’ by Sinclair Ferguson especially chapter six. Many thanks to Sinclair Ferguson!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, however, I reserve the right to say, I don’t now! Thank you for all your prayers for me and our family here in Colorado. We are grateful for them. Grace and Peace

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