What about the Dragon?

Week one is over and the sprint through eschatology is complete. What a great first week of class! Eschatology is the study of last things. Issues that are considered include the millennial reign of Christ, The Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of Heaven, the Second Coming, Hermeneutics, Figurative language, and a host of other topics.

The bulk of time this week has been spent continuing to understand the main four views of Eschatology. These views are commonly referred to as Historic Premillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, Post Millennialism and Amillennialism. I’ll forgo all the in and outs of these views but what is in common between them all is that at some time in the future Christ will return, there will be a resurrection, he will judge the living and the dead, he will defeat death, and he will reign over the new heavens and the new earth for eternity.

It is such a pleasure to sit under and learn from my Uncle, Dr. Dwight Zeller. There is no one like him! A student that comes to Sangre de Cristo will be taught the scriptures and have opportunities to flesh the difficult aspects of doctrine that are hard to understand but what I find to be the real gems are the comments in-between our lectures, either about his career as a Navel Chaplin or pastoral comments that come from a lifetime of ministry. They are rich and wise, kind but firm, gentle but forceful, belly achingly funny but sensitively serious and unshakably rooted in the truth of the Word.

So what about the dragon? Revelation 1:1 begins with, ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place’. When you think about the book of Revelation, what comes to mind? Perhaps trumpets, seals, bowls of wrath, strange creatures? Are these the point of Revelation? Is the 1000 years the point? Is the intermediate state the point? Is the tribulation the point? Is the dragon the point? NO! It is the revelation of someone, it is the revelation about someone, it is the revelation OF Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the point. It is about a victory that he wins over sin and death. It gives us a hope that we can be sure of, something that we as believers can be certain of, it is something that gives us solid, concrete, joyous hope!

That little word, of. Don’t look over the small words. They help direct us. Let us pray that we not lose sight of who is important.

Coram Deo

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