It’s Always Good

From your lofty abode you water the mountains; the earth is satisfied with the fruit of your work. Psalm 104:13

I love weather. The view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains from where I sit writing is glorious. The clouds have quickly rolled in and a beautiful spring snow is currently dusting the Seminary. It’s a chilly 50 degrees here, but snowing! The Sangres have been blessed with a lot of snow this year and the landscape is alive and bursting with colors as spring creeps in and overtakes winter. The kids have especially loved the deer and hummingbirds that have welcomed us to our new home and in all this, I’m reminded of God’s great kindness in his creation.

Psalm 104 is a psalm of Gods great power and majesty in creation. All people are recipients of the world he has made and he has given it to us to enjoy. The earth is blessed by the fruit of his work.

It’s not uncommon however to hear a comment on a rainy day that the weather is bad or that it’s nasty outside. Quite a few years back I heard a guy respond to my comment about the inclement weather and he said, ‘It’s always perfect’. It did get me to thinking, God brings the rain to water the earth for us and for his glory. I’ve had to reform my view of rainy days, and happily so. God in his wisdom waters the earth for our benefit and to display his handiwork.

The psalmist says here in 104 that he displays his majesty and splendor in creation. Verse 13 says that the earth is satisfied by the rain that the Lord sends. He makes the springs pour forth and he waters the mountains.

It is a beautiful sight to see the snow, and the rain that water the mountains. And when it rains, remember it is because of the Lord’s graciousness that the rain falls and waters the earth.

As I gear up for class on monday I am thankful to be able to study in such a special place and to behold the beauty of Gods creation. Thank you all for your prayers as we made our trip west and as I start my studies. Elena and I are truly grateful.


One thought on “It’s Always Good”

  1. Lovely, encouraging thoughts, Ben. So glad y’all made it safely. Praying for a glorious seminary time. The Lord be with you all. (I know He is!)

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