And we’re off!

Well here we are. The house is almost empty, last minute projects are getting wrapped up and a pile of books have been purchased and are ready to be read this summer. So far, in all of this, we haven’t lost our mind. But it’s gotten pretty close. 🙂

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. We are truly thankful. For this blog post I thought it would be a good idea just to give you an overview of what will be next for us. Today, we will pack our trailer and begin our trek west and hope to arrive in Westciffe CO Sunday the 26th. We will have a week to settle into our new home before classes start on June 3rd. We plan to take a day trip to the Great Sand Dunes and enjoy wading in the Medano creek caused from the the snow melt from the rockies. I haven’t haven’t been able to do this since I was a kiddo with my parents and I look forward to being able to experience it with my kids.

Getting acclimated will be part time job for us low landers. The seminary is located at a lofty 9000 ft. It’ll take a couple weeks to get use to that altitude. But I’m sure Waylon and I will get in some hiking before class starts and huff N puff our way around some trails in the area and help that process right along. Waylon and I also plan on tagging some mountain peaks this year. We hope to summit two: Horn Peak which measures in at about 13,500 and Humboldt which comes in at 14,065.

As to my class schedule, the summer will kick off with the study of last things…first, Eschatology. Then over the next three months we’ll cover Church Leadership, Pneumatology, Church Evangelism, Church History II, Biblical geography and Archaeology, New Testament Theology, Old Testament Poetry, and Christology. It’s a sprint. Please pray for the students as we make our way through all of this course work. During the fall the majority of time is spent learning Greek.

I was commenting to Elena the other day that we get to do this! It is a privilege to study the bible for seven months at Sangre de Cristo. Elena will stay busy taking walks in the cool mountain air, homeschooling and correcting my grammar! I trust it will be a special time for our family and am thankful to the Lord for making a way.

Thank you again for supporting us in prayer, we are grateful for them and you.

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